What's Primary in Your Life

Your relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise routine are known as primary foods, or non-food sources of nourishment. These things enrich our lives beyond the physical effects of food.

Primary foods satisfy us on a deeper level—beyond the plate. Those foods found on the plate are secondary foods. When you find balance among these primary foods, your quality of life will improved. When you are deprived in one of these areas—when you are starving, the other aspects of your life are also depleted.

Having a career that brings you great joy brings a permeating happiness to your life.

When you wake up in the morning and get ready for work, are you happy?
Do you like the work environment?
Do you feel like you are reaching your potential?

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for finding a fulfilling career. Fulfillment depends on what you want, and what step you want to take to achieve your goals.

Your relationships encompass both your love life, your connection with your family, coworkers, and your friendships. Think of the times you were deeply in love with someone. Think about how your children warm your heart with a smile. Think about the feeling in your spirit when you find yourself surrounded by the smiling faces of your family, or the laughter of your friends. When you cultivate healthy, loving relationships, you not only strengthen those bonds with those individuals, but you maintain a loving net of people who feed your heart and spirit.

Physical Activity
Being physically active directly impacts your health. Eating well is only part of the path to a healthier lifestyle. It is also important to engage in physical movement. Maybe yoga is more your speed, Pilates, or dance, but regardless, being active is important. Being active increases your energy. Some physical activities increase flexibility and strength. Others are amazing for cardio and strengthening your heart muscles.

Finding fulfillment with your faith is different for everyone. Some people go to places of worship, some may engage in prayer. There are so many different ways to nourish your spirituality. Some cultural and religious practices even call for fasting (a reduction in the consumption of secondary food) to allow the followers of the belief system to receive greater amounts of primary food.

When there is imbalance with the primary foods, you tend to make bad decisions regarding the food you ingest. Fatty and sugary foods are bad for you, but you are more likely to consume these foods if you are having issues with relationships in your life, or if you have little job satisfaction. Unfulfilled needs of love, purpose, acknowledgment, etc., certainly can drive a desire for excessive consumption of food.

Finding balance in these four areas is essential to making positive choices in regards to your eating habits.

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