Confessions of a Closet Hoarder

Recently I was invited to a women's luncheon group. I have to admit, walking into a room where I don't know very many people and I have to introduce myself and make that first impression count is very exhausting. First, there is the anticipation of the event...

What am I going to wear?
What am I going to say?
Am I going to fit in?
How will others perceive me?
Am I just wasting my time?
How many familiar faces will I run into?

The anxiety buildup for group events can be overwhelming. As each day approached, it became a little more difficult to concentrate on what I needed to focus on.

Sound familiar?

I decided to tackle what I can control on my list of anxieties. What am I going to wear? My friends and family know that I love Chico's. Every time, I venture into Baton Rogue, I try and stop by their outlet for a little bit of shopping.

Sometimes, I buy something thinking I will fit into it next month.
Sometimes, a pair of pants just don't fit quite the same by the time I get home and wash them.
Sometimes, I clothes stop fitting because of weight gain.

 Eventually, my wonderful finds end up on the top shelf of my closet on what I call the One Day shelf. Over time, the clothes on the One Day shelf become forgotten until it's time for spring cleaning and donate to charity.

So, on this particular day, I found myself looking through my closet unable to find an outfit that was just right for the occasion. As I pulled out a pair of black and dark brown pants, I just shook my head thinking, "No. That's not right." and tossed one pair of pants after another off to the side.

Dark brown... nope
Black leggings... nope
Button up blouse... nope

What was wrong? None of my clothes appeased my sense of style.


In recent months I have been experiencing a bit of a personal transformation.  
  • I have a newly remodeled office and filled it with light colors, beautiful decorations, and inspiring quotes.
  • I have experienced a new level of success with the healthy supplemental product line I sell.
  • I have a record number of downloads for my new eBook on How to Overcome Emotional Eating.
  • I have a new website that is cleaner and more focused on helping women.
l of these I have's are starting to take over. I am no longer happy with the drab colors of winter. As I'm going through my once beloved closet, I happened to look up and rediscovered by One Day shelf.

One by one, I pulled down a pair of cute white pants, blue jeans, shorts, bright colored summer tops...

One Day is my Here and Now.

My One Day shelf was patiently waiting for my inner spirit to shine. This isn't my story about weight loss. It's my story about coming into being me. Over time, clothes will fit, clothes will not fit... That's just part of life.

It's our attitude and belief in ourselves that makes us look and feel great.

Lighter brighter colors helped show how great I feel and lets everyone know I am ready to shine. So, with nervous spirited energy, I walked into a room shook hands with people I have never met, hugged a few old friends, sat back, enjoyed my lunch and enjoyed spirited conversations with a lovely group of ladies.

  Are you ready for your One Day to happen?

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