Jumpstart to Wellness

Do you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar when you are stressed only to then feel terrible afterwards?

Do you feel like you need to stop eating junk when you feel down or hurt,
 but you just can’t stop and you aren’t sure why?
I’ve been exactly where you are – most people have. 
And I get it!
Imagine what it would be like saying NO to your emotional eating 
The next time you go through a tough time or feel stressed. 
JUMPSTART TO WELLNESS is going to help you do just that.

 This is a  30 Day Program specifically focused on:

Uncovering your emotional triggers and how to listen to them to prevent binge eating

Learning how to eat mindfully to listen to your body and what it needs.

Discovering your food triggers to create an actionable plan for success.

Understanding the benefits of healthy substitutes and how to be prepared.

Breaking Free from restriction and negative thought processes.

How the program works:
Provide tools you need to push through your emotional eating barriers 
Belong to an exclusive private Facebook Group 
Will have direct access to me through the private Facebook Group
Personal assessment at the end of the program

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Early Evening

Step Into Success

You’re busy, busy, busy, and can't find time to take care of yourself the way you know you should.   You feel stressed out and quite frankly, worn out.  

Does this sound familiar?
I know because I have been there.
You’re certainly not alone, and the good news is that I can help
You see, I’ve been there too, so I know what it’s like
Let’s get you back on track so you can start feeling the way you want to feel – 
the way you deserve to feel.

This is a 90 Day Program specifically focused on:

Your personalized plan for success

Common causes for cravings and how to tame them

How stress and sleep issues can be sabotaging your goals

Time-saving menu planning tips and healthy recipes

How to simplify portion control and not feel deprived

How to make an easy plan for exercise that doesn't involve spending countless

Creating a mindset and habits for long term results

How the program works:
90 day online group program
Weekly accountability calls
Belong to an exclusive private Facebook group
Weekly handouts that will help with accountability and goal setting

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